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march issue 2012

Skype Guitar Lessons

I'm now set up to offer guitar lessons through skype. I can teach literally anywhere in the world as long as the student has a computer with a webcam and an internet connection. If you have friends outside the LA area who are interested in guitar lessons, please let them know.

Still Need Instrument Donations for Salvation Army Children's Program

As I mentioned last month I teach children's music classes at Alegria, a community for families living with chronic illness. I'm collecting instrument donations in order to create a full band program.

I recently acquired a pair of conga drums and a keyboard through some very generous individuals. I introduced these instruments into my classes last week and we jammed out on "We Will Rock You." The kids had a blast, but we still need the following donations to round out our band. Contributors will be invited to the kids' performance later this spring!

- kick drum, snare drum, and high hats
- small practice amp
- electric guitar
- instrument cables


All About Rhythm

Struggling with your rhythm? I recently interviewed Mike Papagni to bring you the low down on how a professional drummer practices time and rhythm.

Listen to this episode

Mike shares his expert advice on how to develop a rock-solid beat and what it takes to have great time 'feel.' He takes us through several metronome exercise that will help you build a strong sense of rhythm from the ground up. These exercises are straight forward and you can practice them anywhere—even without your guitar!

Stay tuned next month for another interview with Mike when we'll discuss the role of the guitar player from the drummer's perspective.

Website Improvements

This past month I've been working with my talented web designer, Tim Liszt, to make some positive changes to the LA School of Guitar website. You can now subscribe to my monthly newsletter directly from the homepage and book your lessons online. The site also has a more streamlined look.

Thank you for reading my newsletter and extra special thanks to all my students for their hardwork and dedication. I'm always here if you have questions or feedback.

— David    

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