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Free Songwriting/Composing Workshop: August 31st, 2013

As part of my ongoing community guitar workshops, I'll be hosting a free class on songwriting. This event is open to everyone who wants to learn more about the craft of writing their own music. You are sure to leave my class with a whole new arsenal of tools to inspire your creative work. Here are some of the topics we'll cover:

- Understanding key centers
- Analyzing chord progressions
- The importance of structure and form
- Tools to help get your creative juices flowing

We will take apart several classic songs by the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix and discuss how you can apply the same concepts to your own songwriting. At the end of class everyone will have a chance to create the beginnings of their own song form.

Space is limited so contact me to reserve your spot today!

I teach guitar lessons to everyone from total beginners to working professionals. Whether you want to master the basics of strumming songs or inject your soloing with new inspiration, studying with me will take your playing to the next level.


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